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Bollywood Celebrities Plastic Surgery, Boob Job and Botox

 It is said that almost all Bollywood actresses and actors have undergone plastic surgery. Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in Bollywood celebrities is common, after all, face is fortune and boobs are 'assets' for sure, aren't they? Okay, lets us look at Indian actors, actresses with plastic sugery and botox

Priyanka Chopra has gone through nosejob (rhinoplasty) as you can see. It is also obvious that she has gone through skin lightening treatments to make her skin fairer

 Rani Mukherjee and nose job! Look at how in the third picture from left,, Rani's nose looks more angular and straight.

Preity Zinta looks like a  cosmetic surgery power-house. The woman looks sexy alright but behind this hot pout and appealing eyes, there lies smartlipo, facial fillers. One feels that she experiments with temporary fillers, so her face shape keeps changing. The nose job is but obvious. Quite a drastic change, from the cutie pie in Kya Kehna to the sexy diva of IPL

Sushmita Sen's enormous breasts seem to be so happy with the breast augmentation that they seem to burst out of her dress. But to give the hottie the credit, Sushmita Sen is perhaps the first actress who openly admitted that she wore silicon implants.

Kareena Kapoor known for her sexy butt, reportedly had fat removed from her bums to give it a well sculpted look. Yes, and you can see that Kareena has done plenty of cosmetic surgery on her face, her nose has become sharper and the cheek bones are well defined now. See Kareena Kapoor's nose job picture

Aamir Khan and plastic surgery? You bet! His youthful appearance in 3 Idiots which made him look all of 22, our real life Benjamin Button, seem to have made wrinkles non-existent in his dictionary. But see his face in Fanna in 2006 and you know he has been toying with Botox, facelift and fillers. if you see 3 Idiots, even when he is talking animatedly, there is not even a hint of a wrinkle.

 Sridevi's nose job is pretty evident. These pictures will show you how her facial landscape has changed over the years. But neverthless, she looks gorgeous ain't she?

Ayesha Takia's big breasts is definitely one of the gifts of breast implant surrgery. Look at the first picture, she looked like someone deprived of iron and vitamins

 When you talk about breast augmentation, Mallika Sherawat also stands testimony. Look at Mallika Sherawat's boobs now and before, and you will definitely scream IMPLANTS

Kangna says her bug bitten lips and her big assets are attributed to eating prawns and eat home-made food. But how come all your weight goes there, Kangna unless what you are eating is a breast enhancing diet? But if guys have finished looking at her assets and care to look up, here are some observations about her nose. Kangna Ranaut's nose has been given an upturn which looks very cute.  Her skin tone has also improved a lot.

 Hema Malini's wrinkle free face makes her the most desirable woman across generations. If you can find a fault on Hema Malini's face, you can close this site :). Apart from a good diet, Hema Malini without wrinkles at 60s is definitely botox at its best. Even the eye area has a subtle lift with temporary fillers. Unlike Rekha, Hema Malini has refrained from total face lift,and she has definitely done some smart work on her face.

 Mallika Sherawat a plastic surgery product? For sure, her assets definitely makes it obvious but hey, look closely at her tummy. Seems to be a tummy tuck scar (but shouldn' it go from hip to hip) or is it smart lip? Looks like a C-section scar too.. Well.well...
Juhi Chawla's nose definitely looks so much better before, what do you say?
Ranbir Kapoor's receding hairline does look visible, he has resorted to some smart hair viewing just like Shah Rukh khan below

Shah Rukh Khan's hair weave seen.  You can see SRK'S wig here, this wig piece is integrated into the hair by gluing it on the crown of the head, with the help of surgical strength glue. Salman Khan fans, don't feel to happy? Even he has not been so lucky in the hair department:)

Saif Ali Khan's plastic surgery work reflects botox that has ironed out his wrinkled, possible face lift and under eye blepharoplasty to remove saggy skin or under eye bag.
Let's come to our sexy Katu, yep Katrina Kaif and her cosmetic surgery secrets. What have we on the menu here: bee stung lips courtesy good collagen work on her lips. Even nose job is evident from Katrina Kaif 's second picture. But we leave it for you to judge.

Koena Mitra's nose job: Eveyone knows about Koena Mitra's infamous nosejob. She has gone through it all: silicon implants, nose job and lip job. Sadly, the last two backfired and the girl lost a lot of money. We are sure Koena Mitra knows cosmetic surgery better than films, now due to trial and error.

Bipasha Basu's Boob Job: Bipasha Basu's breast implants has hogged headlines. For the uninitiated, these pictures will clarify speculations.She had enhanced her bust line by a good three inches,because in Bollywood size does matter and she has done a South Indian film, where size Definitely matters! But there was also a nasty rumor about her plastic surgeon trying to sue Bipasha for 25 lakhs for his job

Madhuri Dixit's cosmetic surgery is evident. Eyebags, wrinkles have given way to tight jowl, angular nose and lifted eyes.

    Bigg Boss's Veena Malik, the famous Pakistani actress pictures without clothes did make the rounds of the net for which she cried hoarse saying that someone was trying to malign her reputation. But then, these artificial tattoos are on both the pictures. Just for FYI, if those scandalous pictures belong to Veena, then by the look of her assets, she has definitely had breast augmentation. Still don't trust us? Check those beauties again

A slight of rhinoplasty for Shahid Kapoor here, looks good though. A successful nose job for him

Finally let us come to the queen of Bollywood plastic surgery, Shilpa Shetty. A cosmetic surgery delight, we should say. Shilpa Shetty seems to have got them all, butt implants, breast implants and a nose job, which is public knowledge.

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