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Bollywood movies mistakes, Bollywood bloopers, Bollywood goofs

Bollywood mistakes and Bollywood bloopers..ah, there are so many of them. Bollywood Trends readers can now comment and contribute to Bollywood movie mistakes and Bollywood movie bloopers. You have read about Bollywood plagiarism, now lets focus on Bollywood movie mistakes and bloopers. Here is a big list of Bollywood movie mistakes and Bollywood bloopers

1.. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam mistake:  What could be a monumental mistake than Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, where the country that Aishwarya Rai goes to, is mentioned as Italy, whereas the place is actually Hungary in reality. The scenes that are shown in the film are famous Szechenyi Chain Bridge above the Danube, which is Hungary and not Italy as stated in the film.
2. Raajneeti mistake: Many murders are happening in broad-daylight in the movie, there are clear suspects, in spite of that people are moving freely, there is no inquiry and no fear. On the day when election results are announced, Ranbir and gang lay a trap for Ajay Devgan, they are firing at him if they are trained criminals from birth. First of all, no one indulges in such type of killing, when the election season is going on and the media and the machinery is on high alert.
3. Heyy Babyy goof-up: The movie itself wouldn’t have been made, if a simple DNA test confirmed who was the father of the baby
4. 3 Idiots mistake, During the childbirth scene, Pia (Kareena Kapoor) shows a YouTube video during the video chat. That scene is supposed to have happened 6 years ago, when there was no YouTube.
5. Kites movie mistake: J pulls the Green card scam by asking each woman for 1000 USD. 1000 USD? For a Green Card? Do the film writers know how coveted the GC is? And how many illegal immigrants in US would kill to get it? And its available for 1000 USD? Which anyone can earn working illegaly in the US for 15 days?
6. Dhoom 2 movie mistake: Our extra fingered Greek god  Hrithik Roshan has to steal the diamonds in a highly secured and guarded museum. We see that he is painting himself white. Alright. Now tell me how does he occupy the place next to some of those white-clay (PoP) mannequines with his device? There is more to it. He operates a tiny robot, creates a visual illusion of the diamond and steals the diamond. The very next shot he is shown as an old rag-picker (or garbage collector) outside the building. Only God could have come out of the assumed clay mannequin position without being noticed by the dozens of the guards. I know you started laughing. But the fun doesnt end here. To escape from Abhishek, he jumps into a man-hole and in less than 3 seconds, a young, muscular guy comes out of nowhere with a great looking dress (black?) on a sexy bike. Again, only God could have changed the makeup, started a bike and jump out of nowhere at high speed.
7. Don-The Chase Begins mistake: Shahrukh tells Kareena that there is no bullet in his gun, but this is something that the police does not know. When the police arrives, SRK gags Kareena and threatens to kill her (there is no bullet in the gun). In the next scene, we see Kareena Kapoor shot dead by SRK. How?
8 Slumdog Millionaire goofup. In Slumdog Millionaire, KBC is live. In which country is KBC or Who wants to be Millionaire shown live?
9. Khalnayak movie mistake: Khalnayak: Anupam Kher is shown tracking the escaped convict Sanjay Dutt from his computer using an MS WORD document.Now that is an undocumented feature of Microsoft !!

10. Phoonk 2 movie mistake: In Phoonk 2, Sudeep's character is badly bruised, bleeding from chest, but in the next scene, the tshirt looks all fine.
11 London Dreams goof-up In London Dreams, Ajay Devgan sings at London’s Trafalgar’s square and two strangers Zohaib(Ranvijay) on the keyboard and Wasim (Aditya Kapoor with an acoustic guitar) join him. How come they know the song? Anyway by the end the band is formed and since Ajay sang first, he is the leader of the band. Next comes the audition process, a rank newbie Asin says, “What should I do?’ Ranvijay says, “Just go with the flow” Asin dances and grooves along with the groove and they manages to impress the judges.
12. Karthik Calling Karthik mistake: In Karthik Calling Karthik, Deepika Padukone’s character is not well defined. Though she is aware of her boyfriend's psychological problem, how does she yell at him for calling her slut and prostitute?. She definitely could have hazarded a guess that it is not her Karthik.
13. Rann mistake: Mohnish Bhel’s character is that of conniving person. Why does he tell all the inside stuff of how a conspiracy was carried out to an amateur rookie of a reporter Ritesh Deshmukh
14. Kurbaan mistake: How come the FBI officer who is so near to the bomber does not die when he explodes right in front of him? He just look brazen faced, cover with black smoke like we see in comic slapstick Hindi films
15 Lagaan movie mistake:  each over is having 6 balls. 6 balls an over was only introduced somewhere in 1982-3 and not in 1892.
16.  Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam goofup: In Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai have been robbed of all their belongings. They don't have money to even buy train tickets. Yet they manage to get seats at the opera.
17.Pyaar Toh Honi Tha mistake: In Pyaar Toh Honi Tha: Kajol gets off the train to use a public toilet at the railway station and the train chugs off leaving her stranded. But then every train has four toilets inside, don’t they?
18. Kites movie mistake:  In Kites, HR is injured and he is sent by Barbara in train to some location. He gets healed there. Looking at his beard it looks healing took about 2 months. But After he gets his cellphone back, message which was sent 2 months back is received to him and also in 2 months cellphone does not have any problem due to heat or dust
19. Rann mistake: Why does Vijay Malik (Big B) in the film, release the most important information related to Khanna an bomb-blasts without confirming with his team of reporters?
21. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gum goofup: Several factual errors as the movie's flashback period was set in 1990-1994
1)Amitabh Bachchan is showing using LCD Plasma TV which was unheard of, at that time.
2)CNBC Channel is shown with Anchor Senthi Chngalvaraynn covering the Stockmarket . The channel never existed at that time.
3)Cell phone -Amitabh Bachchan is shown using a Nokia 9000 Communicator in 1991, whereas Nokia launched the same commercially in 1996.
22. Raajneeti goofup: Prakash Jha shoots in MP and the movie is also based in MP but, actors use the word 'hum' to refer to themselves...a typical Bihari (and Eastern UP) dialect feature.
23. Raajneeti mistake: Madhepura (the coveted constituency) is in Bihar.
24. Blue error: Lara Dutta says, “Stop it, stop it, everything can be resolved by talking “ when there is cross-fire happening from all sides in the room.?
25. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi mistake: Why doesn’t Anushka Sharma realize that Raj is Surinder; after all there is not much change in the voice.
26. Kismet Konnection mistake Almost everyone in the movie can speak in Hindi, the place is Canada by the way
27. Goal movie mistake:Towards the end of the game, John Abraham is shown to be hit on the nose, bleeding profusely. Yet he continues with the game when there are orders to take him off the field. This is practically not possible, injured players are not allowed to play.
28. Baazigar movie mistake In Baazizgar, SRK throws Shilpa from the terrace of the hotel , when she falls down she breaks the glass. When SRK is walking away from the hotel, the glass is there perfectly again !!!!!! can somebody explain how?????!!!
29. Tere Mere Sapne movie mistake: Priya Gill is doing her BA. But at the bus stop, she is carrying an electrical technology thesis by B L Theraja. What electrifying interest!
30. Raja(1995) movie error: Dalip Tahil empties a can of petrol over Madhuri Dixit Minutes later, Sanjay Kapoor takes the same can and pours it over Dalip Tahil
31. Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic movie error: In Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, Rani Mukherjee, the angel girl where the same dress for the entire film.. The dress itself is stupid and to top that she wears it throughout. Come on, when you are on Earth, you need to change your clothes as well.
32. Raajneeti mistake: Every woman who has sex in Raajneeti becomes pregnant. May not be a mistake but then too much of a coincidence.
33. Jaaneman movie mistake In Jaaneman, Akshay narrates the entire story of his life to his Blonde Russian Girlfriend Preity Zarnikova in Hindi,although he speaks with her in English (when their sequences are shown and she asks why he fell in love with her). Did she learn Hindi between?
34. Don The Chase Begins: In Jaaneman, Akshay narrates the entire story of his life to his Blonde Russian Girlfriend Preity Zarnikova in Hindi,although he speaks with her in English (when their sequences are shown and she asks why he fell in love with her). Did she learn Hindi between?
35.  Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam mistake: Aishwarya Rai is shot in the neck by a foreigner. Yet, at the hospital she's seen with a bandage around her arm. There's no trace of any wound on her neck.
36.  Housefull movie mistake: In RaaneetiHousefull: In the Movie House Full in the last scene wherein Akshay Kumar visits Buckingham Palace,London,a Tempo Traveler comes for refilling the AC GAs.The temp bears a Karnataka reg No KA-51!!!!!
37. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Mistake: When Kajol missed her train during the trip,all her stuff including passport,clothes etc went with the train.So how come during to way to Zurich with SRK,she changes her clothes a lot of time whereas SRK is wearing the the same clothes throughtout to Zurich....amazing
38. Don-The Chase Begins mistake; Only noticed one blooper, how did he kill Kamini (Kareena Kapoor) when the gun was empty and he was not armed??? Super film....
39. Chance pe Dance Goofup: Shahid is a struggler who lives on vada pav in Chance Pe Dance, but he could compete for the best abs in the city
40. Baghban mistake: Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini] are separated right after Holi They are said stay that way for six months (from March to September). Within the six-month period, they celebrate Valentine's Day, which falls on February 14, and karva chauth, which is typically observed in October. How can both the occasions come between March and September.
41. Awwal Number: Dev Anand is an omnipotent genius -- former cricketer, captain, army chief, commissioner, you name it. And Aamir Khan [ Images ] carries a huge transistor in his pocket while batting!

42. Sarkar Raj goofup In Sarkar Raj, She creates buckets of tears when she sees Abhishek’s character dead in the hospital. This is the Shankar Nagre, whom she had met for just some days. However when she hears about her father’s death(Sarkar had killed him) in the last few reels of the film, Aishwarya Rai has a brief shocked look and then continues listening to Amitabh Bachchan lecture on political plots, as if nothing happened!
43. Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi: mistake Akshay Kumar noards a Jet Airways flight to America. Jet Airways at that time did not have interenational flights
44. SHOLAY mistake: The movie has the famous water tank scene where Dharmendra does some antics with a liquor bottle in his hand. This village had no electricity (as you can see Jaya holding a lantern in her hand. Ever wondered how the tank was filled with water without an electrical motor?
45.Krrish mistake:  In the movie, Rohit says that he has worked continuosly for the Professor for 2 yrs and was going to return home after the Computer's inaugration, if Rohit was 2 yrs away frm home then how did his wife get pregnant? Jadoo!!
47. In Raajneeti, There's a coalition govt which is toppled to ensue a reelection but the Opposition's conveniently absent throughout the movie (bet they got bored and left!)
48. In Ajnabi - Bobby deol cracks the password of Akshay kumar's Swiss bank account and types the same in front of him with all charecters visible .. .Strange no on in the entire Abbas Mastan team knew password field  appears as '*' or ".", not even Bobby Deol who is known to be a computer freak in real life?
49. In 3 Idiots, Mona Singh whose name is Poonam becomes Mona in the later part of the film. After sqaubbling with Viru Sahasrbuddhe, Rancho suddenly starts calling 'Mona Push' then everybody including her father starts calling her the same
50. In Don-The Chase Begins, how come the ‘don’ SRK who is confined to the hospital swap himself with the good SRK who is lying on the hospital bed near him, amidst tight security and security camera? Dint they find it out?
51. In Kites, Barbara mori is shown committing suicide in mexico...somewhere close to her the last part of the movie, Hri thik is shot by Kangana Ranaut in las vegas but is shown committing suicide at same place where barbara committs suicide in mexico...even if he would have driven the car at 700 km/hr he would not have reached the same place in mexico without being fatally injured .
52. In 3 Idiots Aamir and Madhavan use an Airtel Internet Datacard when Sharman Joshi is in the hospital and also in the climax for the delivery. The movie is supposedly in Flashback--10 Years Ago. How come Airtel invented Wireless internet 10 Years ago and did not launch in the market.
53. Border Movie Mistakes: At the Start of the movie when Jackie Shroff returns from an air exercise and opens the cockpit glass cover you can see the cameraman in that glass when it goes up(cameraman). 2.While akshay khanaa is hit and sunny carries him back to the safe place in the bunkers, we can see that at some moments he is carrying a dummy instead of akshay ,that was funny. 2.At the same scene we can see that when the pak fighter attacks one of the crew member luaghs when he runs. 3. The envelope of the letters that soldiers get in the Sandese Aate Hain song look new compared to how they used to be in the 60s.

We think that two movies Satya and Taare Zameen Par are the most flawless films without any goofup. Readers can commment on the goofups, mistakes or errors in Bollywood films they come across.


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