Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guess Whats Deepika Padukone’s Dream Role?

Deepika Padukone is one of the hottest stars on the block with an amazing array of roles in her kitty. Right from the time she’s stepped into the industry with Farah Khan’s movie Om Shanti Om this gal has been on the roll to the top and has never looked back since then.
Deepika has a kitty full of almost all kinds of roles which has helped her explore her acting prowess to the hilt- at least that’s what her fans think.
But no-not Deepika. The star feels that she has not yet been able to bag the ultimate dream role in her career. So what is the kind of role that this sexy hot bod would like to portray on screen?
Well, she would like to essay Kajol’s role in the Yash Raj film Dil Waale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. This is what the talented actress has been reportedly saying that she would love to do the role in a film as romantically inclined as DDLJ. This is because it has all the flavors of an intense love story when the elders of the house were totally against love affairs and had very strict outlook towards their children getting married to the girl or boy of their choice only.
The protagonists in these kind of romantic flicks had some intense chemistry as they were too scared to come out in the open about their love for each other and had to elope only to get caught later, which inevitably would lead to the climax of the film.
Well we do hope Deepika gets to sign up for such an intense love story based projects soon.


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