Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kareena Kapoor Zero Size Figure – for Upcoming Next Short Term Shaadi Movie with Imran Khan

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Kareena Kapoor Imran Khan together first time, for Director Karan Johar Upcoming Next Bollywood Hindi Films 2010 name “Short Term Shaadi” which is on the lines of Ashton Kutcher - Cameron Diaz's 2008 Hollywood MovieWhat Happens in Vegas”.

Now Karan Johar wants Bebo to go back to being size zero once again. Kareena Kapoor will go in for a short haircut for the film to look as young as Imran Khan. The shooting will start in November. It will be directed by Shakun Batra, who is a close friend of Imran.

As per Latest Bollywood Gossips, Hot Kareena Kapoor finishes Ra.One and Agent Vinod; she still has We Are Family.

Boyfriend Saif Ali Khan for Kareena Kapoor Family:- Kareena Kapoor Father Randhir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Mother Babita, Kareena Kapoor Sister Karishma Kapoor with her Kids are currently in London enjoying their holidays and they were joined by Saif Alia Khan.

Kareena Kapoor is also in London but the actress is busy shooting with Shahrukh Khan for their Bollywood Forthcoming Movies 2010 name ‘Ra. One’.

For Golmaal 3 means Golmaal Sequel, Kareena Kapoor is playing a role of tomboy avatar will make an entry with a fistfight where she has to balance herself on the bonnet of a car, speeding at 110 kms and then fly some feet off the ground.


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