Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for All Time

There are a lot of new sites and marketing efforts these days. Many of these sites are on-line and have just came about in the last two to three years.  However, a few of these sites are gaining popularity much faster than others, yet some of the sites have more impact than others.  The following are our top 10 social marketing sites on the web today, and what to know about social marketing about how they perform.  They are not in any particular order.
Top 10 Social Marketing Sites:

   1. Facebook – Not the biggest yet, but just about there.  The audience is a little more mature and there are limitations to the customization, but the site is easy to use and growing every day.

   2. Myspace - Still the largest social site on the web, but it quickly losing ground to Facebook.  The site has a younger audience and allows for more customization, but it’s harder to find things because content is all over the place.

   3. Twitter – This is by far the fastest growing social site on the web. There is limited things you can do, but the audience is growing and there are lots of new opportunities to gain more expsoure on it.
   4. Digg - This is a great site and one that has a big audience, but also has some good SEO value.  A good Digg page can rank really high on the search engines and push a lot of traffic.
   5. Mixx- This social site has many features in it and combines services like that of Digg, Twitter, and Facebook all into one site. It has  a good audience and is growing so the traffic is good and there is someSEO value on the main engines just like Digg.

   6. Youtube – This is one of the biggest social sites on the web, but is mostly for video. However, there is a social aspect to the site and it does have someSEO value on it.  Make a video, get traffic and a back-link so I think its worth mentioning here.

   7. Delicious – This site doesn’t have as much direct traffic value, but it’s good for SEO and a lot of ranking services will use this site as a benchmark, so it’s worth being on there.
   8. Yahoo Buzz - This is Yahoo’s attempt at Digg and it’s a really good site with lots of SEO value on it. The site gets good traffic and can push some hits back to the source site so it’s good to submit here as well.
   9. Vox - This is another hybrid site that tries to combine multiple social services.  The site has a good audience but not as active as some other sites. There isn’t much SEO on the links but there are some so it’s a good site to be apart of.
  10. Ning - Create a social community. This site has some SEO value but is more for self social creation and makes it easy to make a custom social site.  Make a community, submit content, get someSEO value of it.


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