Thursday, January 20, 2011

Salman planning to make a hatric this festive season?

Salman Dabangg Khan as he is fondly called these days is certainly the star with the toughest head on his shoulders as whenever there are speculations about his films doing the rounds, the star just has the right answers to put all kinds of speculators on hold.

Thus when his next project titled My Love Story, which is a remake of the Malayalam film Bodyguard is on its way to a shooting schedule, there are speculations that even this might be a festive release so that Salman Khan can make a hatric with it also becoming a great blockbuster.

Since Salman Khan has given two super hits in 2009 and 2010 with Wanted and Dabangg both releasing during Eid and both films were amazing super hits, his third release is also being anticipated as being released during the Eid festival as it is considered lucky for the deadly hunk.

However, reports in tabloids suggest that Salman Khan has straight away declined such speculations as being just that.

According to the hot hunk, it is just a date that is set aside for the release of a film and there is no presumption that whether the film should be released on any particular occasion or with only a few releases etc. Salman Khan with his cool attitude has stated that no plans are as of now being made to release his forthcoming flick on the festive season or so.

My Love Story has Salman Khan with Kareena Kapoor in the lead and is being directed by Siddique. Well, at least his fans think that Salman cool dude will certainly deliver a hit this time too!


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